Cyber Security Generations: Issues Facing the Digitalised Energy Network

Wednesday, 21 February, 2018 | 13:30 - 15:00

Topics to be addressed include:
  • Special cyber security considerations, challenges, and strategies for the digitalised energy network
  • Innovative methods and tools to improve the cyber security of industrial control systems (ICSs)
  • Role play: NSA, ENISA, Europol, European C3, etc.
  • Cyber-hacks, hackers, and Cybersecurity Map (World hacking countries)
  • Advances in cyber security solutions and vulnerability mitigation strategies

    Utility Digitalization Expert
    Dr. Latif Ladid
    President, Global IPv6 Forum
    Professor, University of Luxembourg

    Latif Ladid is the founder and president of the IPv6 Forum. He is Chair of the IEEE COMSOC IoT subcommittee, chair of IEEE COMSOC 5G subcommittee, co-chair of IEEE COMSOC SDN-NFV subcommittee, Emeritus Trustee, Internet Society - ISOC; IPv6 Ready Logo Program Board and Chair of ETSI IPv6 ISG. Latif is Research Fellow at the University of Luxembourg. He is a Member of 3GPP PCG (Board member of 3GPP2 PCG, board member of UN Strategy Council GAID, board member of the Future Internet Forum for Member State and board member of WSA.

    Utility Digitalization Expert
    Enrique Martín
    Iberia & LATAM Responsible

    Enrique Mart ín is the actual Iberia & LATAM responsible for SecurityMatters. He has more than 25 years of experience on IT/OT technologies, most of them on security projects in the private and public sector. He has participated in European projects like SCADALAB with the Spanish Institute for Cyber Security (INCIBE) and CAMINO and EUCONCIP from S21sec, focused on testing the cyber resilience of essential services providers. He is now supporting some initiatives and technology solutions to protect critical infrastructure in Spain and other LATAM countries related with industrial control system networks in such infrastructure.

    Utility Digitalization Expert
    Xavier Clotet
    R&D and Big Data Unit
    Grupo AIA

    Xavier Clotet holds a Ph.D. in Physics (2014) from Universitat de Barcelona and École Normale Sup érieure de Lyon (Nonlinear Physics Group and Laboratoire de Physique). Postdoc at the Complex Matter and Nonlinear Physics Laboratory at Clark University (MA, USA). Strong background in experimental physics, data analysis and mathematical modelling. Six publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and five conference papers. Participation in science dissemination events at graduate level and at primary and secondary school levels. Working at Grupo AIA since 2015 in the R&D and Big Data unit. Main tasks developed are related to development of R&D projects on innovative tools for the electric sector related to extreme weather events and critical infrastructure security, and Big Data applied to sales forecasting.