Lessons Learnt From Massive Implementation of Energy Big Data Analytics For Engaging Costumers of Small and Medium Energy Retail Companies

Wednesday, 21 February, 2018 | 16:30 - 17:00

Within the last few years, under the umbrella of EU energy legislation and the subsequent rolling out of electric smart meters, many electricity utilities have launched new initiatives with the aim of promoting the digital engagement of costumers. However, the user-centric approach proposed by these kind of services is not in the core of the energy utilities' business. To respond to this challenge, they need to introduce several changes both in the IT department and in the client attention structure.

In this session we present the experience of CIMNE and Beedata analytics in the massive implementation (700.000 users) of user engagement services, through partnerships with eight medium electricity retailers in Europe. The presentation analyzes results obtained by the massive implementation of a mix of e-mail reports, web infographics, personalized insights, tips, and user interface tools. Results analyse: a) degree of acceptance and use by costumers; b)impact on energy savings; c) satisfaction, d) complexity, and costs of massive implementation, and e) benefits for the utility or retailer. Conclusions show that the combination of synthetic and useful information, well addressed at the right moment for the right type of user, is essential. At the same time these servicies must be integrated into the traditional IT systems and ways of communication of the utility, in order to obtain good results.

Key learning points include:
  • Challenges and barriers that small and medium utilities have when promoting massive user engament based on Big Data analytics
  • How to get massive impact and satisfaction, and how to move to the next level of digitalisation and smart energy
  • The context, needs and constratints of small and medium electricity companies in Europe
  • Technical aspects to put in place when offering these services
  • Conclussions and lessons learned regarding usability, acceptance, impact and economic efforts of implementing these services

Utility Digitalization Expert
Xavier Cipriano
Senior Researcher, CIMNE
Founder and CEO, Beedata Analytics SL

Xavier Cipriano received his Master's degree (Msc) in chemical engineering from the University of Barcelona (UB, Barcelona). His research interests are in energy efficiency and solar energy systems in buildings and urban districts. Xavier has a background in design, simulation, evaluation and implementation of energy saving measures in urban contexts. He is responsible for the strategic research line "Smart Urban Environments" in BEE Group.

Within the past ten years, Xavier has participated in 20 European research projects and in 12 research and consultancy National projects. He is one of the founders and member of the board of directors of the energy service company INERGY (www.inergybcn.com), promoted by CIMNE and RSM Gassó. He was technical director of INERTY from 2004 to 2011. Xavier is founder and is currently working as CEO of Beedata Analytics SL, an energy big data analytics company promoted by CIMNE and Innoenergy.