Renewable Integration and Flexibility Management

Wednesday, 21 February, 2018 | 11:00 - 11:30

As more distributed energy resources (DER) come online, the ability to seamlessly manage flexible capacity at the grid edge is allowing energy providers and owners of large asset portfolios to transform their business models and deepen their relationships with energy consumers. DER that can ramp up during off-peak hours and ramp down during on-peak hours provide operational flexibility. These include flexible hydro, natural gas-fired combined-cycle and combustion turbine units, and large centralized battery storage. But another important source of operational flexibility comes from Energy Internet data and software.

Hosting both energy and data flows, the Energy Internet opens up the data from millions of interconnected DER devices and sensors. New software applications help energy providers harness this data to deliver flexibility. These software solutions allow utilities to balance supply and demand and get the most out of the new distributed, dynamic and digital energy network. This session will provide an overview of how system planners and operators can utilize DER flexibility management applications to leverage flexible resources for the integration of variable renewable resources and access the energy and environmental benefits of wind and solar generation.

Key Learning Points:
  • How flexibility management offers comprehensive coverage, optimizing all assets, programs and customers as a portfolio of flexible resources
  • How flexible capacity can balance supply and demand in real time, increase the productivity of every energy asset and deliver new energy services and value to customers
  • Flexible Capacity Market Potential: The projected growth of the flexible capacity market in Europe and across the globe -- in Europe alone, flexible capacity will increase to 152 GW by 2040 (Bloomberg New Energy Finance).
  • " How the European market will be impacted by the growth of the flexible capacity market

Utility Digitalization Expert
Basile Bouquet
Senior Business Development Manager

Basile Bouquet joined AutoGrid in 2015 to assist with the growth into the European market. Basile's key areas of expertise are European energy markets and emerging business-cases focusing on marketing distributed energy resources. Prior to joining AutoGrid, Basile worked in the R&D department of EDF in Paris and Palo Alto, focusing on economics and regulation on smart grid and energy storage topics. Basile also worked for the French Consulate in San Francisco where he was in charge of energy related topics to foster collaboration between France and California. Basile holds two master's degrees, one in Electrical Engineering from Centrale-Supelec in France and one in Energy & Markets from the French Oil Institute.