The Digital Utility Roadmap: Do We Really Know Where We're Going?

Tuesday, 20 February, 2018 | 08:30 - 09:00

The digital utility is a product of unstoppable market forces, from government-mandated de-carbonisation policies to the democratisation of energy supply through distributed solar. It is a concept that promises to create opportunities through diversified service offerings, efficiency gains and new markets. But it also ushers in a new age of uncertainty as established business models are torn down and replaced by novel, untested frameworks.

The stakes could not be higher. Get it right, and today's humble utility could become the digital energy Apple or Google of tomorrow. Get it wrong, and the lights go out across the world as we know it.

As utilities set out on their journey towards a new digital future, this session aims to signpost promising avenues of development and call out where we could be taking wrong turns. It casts a critical eye over some of today's most hotly-tipped technologies and calls for some sober reality checks regarding the scale and complexity of the market transition ahead. Attend this session to find out:
  • What storage technology you should be avoiding for the sake of the planet and your business
  • When to expect a tipping point that could change the electricity market as we know it
  • Why the blockchain could be the worst thing to ever happen to the energy sector
  • How the next generation of electric vehicles could crash your grid
  • Who is currently leading efforts to own the digital utility concept

Utility Digitalization Expert
Jason Deign
Editor and Publisher
Energy Storage Report

Jason Deign is a Barcelona-based journalist, editor and author who has been reporting on the renewable energy sector since 2010.

He publishes a weekly intelligence brief called Energy Storage Report, dedicated to the energy storage industry, and is the director of the editorial services agency Jason Deign Associates and a non-executive director with Tamarindo Communications, a clean-tech consultancy.

He writes widely on technology and innovation as a regular contributor to energy industry publications including Greentech Media, Solarplaza and New Energy Update, as well as speaking at events and authoring of industry reports for brands such as PV Insider.