Utilities, IT Companies and Start-Ups On Common Ground: A Clean Energy Transition Supported By Digitalisation

Tuesday, 20 February, 2018 | 09:00 - 10:30

Transitioning to a clean energy system requires a fundamental transformation in the sector from the way our energy is produced, transported and distributed, to the way it is retailed and used by the end customer. In the new paradigm, the end customer is not a passive consumer anymore, but a prosumer which interacts not only with the utility, but also with other peers and even with new players entering the game. The so-far unidirectional value chain will soon become multidirectional, and the traditional spoke-hub type energy flows will be replaced by more complex ones. New digital technologies will make it possible to manage the growing complexity of the energy system, at the same time as the cost of energy and carbon emissions are reduced. This opens up a myriad of new business opportunities to be captured by incumbents and new challengers entering the sector.

Key points to be discussed:
  • What are the main drivers for the energy transition? Which obstacles need to be overcome?
  • To what extent is digitalisation already supporting the energy transition? What can we expect in the near future?
  • Which type of new players and business models will appear?
  • Are start-ups a clear partner in the innovation path to achieving those challenges? How are they supporting the digitalisation of the energy sector?
  • Energy transition: evolution or revolution? Who will capture the value?

Utility Digitalization Expert
Mikel Lasa
Chief Executive Officer
InnoEnergy Iberia

Mikel has an extensive experience in bridging research, business and education within the renewable energy sector. Before joining InnoEnergy, Mikel was head of the wind turbine technology division of the Spanish engineering company Apia XXI, and head of analysis and design of wind turbines at the Spanish National Centre for Renewable Energy. Prior to that, he worked in Germany and France as research engineer at Robert Bosch and as quality engineer at Valeo. Between 2007 and 2009, Mikel was also a part-time Associate Professor at Public University of Navarra's Mechanical Engineering Department where he lectured on Wind Turbine Dynamics and Machine Elements and Vibrations. Mikel was also involved in different wind turbine technology innovations that led to the filing of six patents. Since 2010, Mikel has been CEO of InnoEnergy Iberia and a member of the executive Board. Mikel holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Navarra, Spain, a PhD from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Otto-von-Guericke University in Germany and an MBA from University of Deusto.

Utility Digitalization Expert
David Lozano
Senior IoT Manager, Southern Europe & Middle East

David works as a senior business development manager in Vodafone, managing the entire utility and energy sector in Southern Europe for the Vodafone IoT business, and the go-to market strategy for the company's new NB-IoT technology. Prior to his current position he was telco & utility senior business manager at Neoris, and senior consultant at Accenture Technology Solutions. He holds a Master MBA en Desarrollo Directivo from the Universidad de Alcalá, and a Licenciado en Informática from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Utility Digitalization Expert
Dr. Jordi Cusido
Co-founder and Chairman

Jordi Cusidó holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He submitted his thesis on the study of signal processing techniques for the diagnosis of rotating electrical machines. His business background stems from postgraduate courses in negotiation, European patent law, project management, team management and business development. He has almost 10 years' work experience and his strengths are in the management of intellectual property and business development.

Utility Digitalization Expert
Dr. Raúl Aragonés Ortiz
Co-founder and Chairman
AEInnova - Alternative Energy Innovations

Dr. Aragonés is Co-founder and Chairman of AEInnova, a company formed in 2014 with a clear focus on research, innovation, and development of new products related to alternative energies. In particular, its main objective is the development of technologies for the production of electrical energy through the recovery of waste heat (thermoelectrical energy harvesting). Dr. Aragonés is a member of IEEE and an adjunt professor in the Microelectronics and Electronics Systems Department at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Utility Digitalization Expert
Simone Accornero

Simone is FlexiDAO CEO and Co-founder. He is an energy engineer formed at 4 different universities and graduated from the InnoEnergy master in energy for smart cities. Simone has expertise in electricity markets (wholesale and local), smart distribution systems and blockchain. He is also co-founder of BISOL, a Barcelona showcase project in cooperation with UPC's Library, providing IoT and Blockchain based energy trading and automation system for a local microgrid. Simone is driven by the strong believe that the only aspects of the smart grid that can be truly smart are the people within it.