Preliminary Agenda

Topics to be addressed during the Forum include (but are not limited to):

Digitizing the Customer Experience
  • Advanced analytics for customer insight and digitizing the customer experience
  • Optimizing mobile and multichannel customer interaction strategies
  • Transitioning away from the commodity customer relationship
  • Empowering and accommodating the emerging energy prosumer
  • Implementing new consumer engagement models
  • Achieving differentiation and tailoring offerings to targeted customer demand
  • Shifting from asset-intensive to customer-oriented decision making
Driving Cost Savings, Efficiencies and Operational Excellence
  • Management and integration of distributed energy resources via Big Data analytics
  • Analytics for asset management and predictive maintenance
  • Back-office automation and data-driven decision making
  • Mobile workforce access to real-time information and productivity-enhancement tools
  • Operational efficiency and savings through advanced data analytics
  • Integrating distributed renewable generation resources into the energy mix
  • Implementing organizational change: flat hierarchies, cross-silo coordination
  • Improving network resiliency, safety, reliability and performance
  • Developing improved demand response offerings
Digital Utility Business Models, Market Trends and Opportunities
  • Mapping a way forward: Getting from vision to effective and realistic implementation
  • Positive impact of digitization on utility earnings
  • Pursuing digital transformation across the value chain
  • Leveraging digitization to enter new business areas
  • Extending the utility value proposition by delivering new digitally enabled products
  • Smart homes and smart buildings: challenges and opportunities for the digital utility
  • The Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and the evolving energy landscape
  • Factors disrupting the energy industry and how to meet them
  • New industry entrants and regulatory trends
New Digital Utility Technologies, Applications, and Case Studies
  • Next-gen smart meters and smart grid technologies
  • Cybersecurity for the digital utility ecosystem
  • Microgrids, VPPs, and advanced AMI developments
  • Peer-to-Peer energy matching for utilities
  • Blockchain in the energy industry
  • Platforms for accommodating distributed energy resources and marketplaces
  • Machine learning, AI, situational awareness, and advances in data analytics
  • Case studies and key lessons learned to date in utility digitalization